Dance Recital Saturday 24 June 2017

Dance Recital News

The Dance Recital, which took place on Saturday, 24th June at De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem, was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the shows!

Videos & Photos

Videos of each show as well as for each individual dance are now available to download.

Photos will be coming soon…

Danz Royal is pleased to announce that our Dance Recital will be taking place on Saturday 24th June at De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem.


The recital offers all of our students an exciting opportunity to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on stage.

The experience of performing in front of an audience helps build self-esteem, self-assurance and contributes to a sense of confidence, which can help contribute to children’s success in non-dance related activities.


In the De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem.


Saturday 24 June with two separate performances; the first starting at 11:00 and the second at 15:00.

Some of the students will perform in the first show and the others will be performing in the second (group lists for each show are below).

Free Photos!

After the event families will be able to download, at no extra charge, high resolution photos, taken by a professional photographer, of the shows.


Seating is general seating (no reserved seats) and the doors will open about half an hour before each show (you cannot save seats between both shows).

Tickets must be purchased in advance (please see below) and are priced at €12.50 per ticket.

Students do not need to purchase a ticket for the show in which they will be performing.


Rehearsals will be held in the weeks before and all participating students should aim to attend these, especially the ones on Sunday 18th June, which will be held at the same De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem to get that all important on-stage time before the show.

There will be additional rehearsals and costume fittings and these will all be held at our new dance studios in Tervuren.

Thursday 15th June On-Stage Rehearsals

The Thursday classes will move over to De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem for one week for on-stage rehearsals. This will also include an extra RAD Grade 2 class beforehand as well as the Pointes II class:

    • Grade 2— Saturday class
      Saturdays 14:30 at new dance studio
    • Grade 6— Thursday & Saturday classes
      Thursdays 17:30 & Saturdays 15:30 at new dance studio
    • Pointes II— Saturday class
      Saturdays 16:30 at new dance studio
    • Repertoire 2— Thursday & Saturday classes
      Thursdays 18:30 & Saturdays 17:10 at new dance studio
    • Grade 8— Thursday & Saturday classes
      Thursdays 19:30 & Saturdays 18:05 at new dance studio

Sunday 18th June Dress Rehearsal

The following groups will rehearse at De Lijsterbes theatre in Kraainem from the following time (about an hour for each group):

    • Pre-Primary— Saturday class
      Saturdays 10:35 at new dance studio
    • Primary— Saturday class
      Saturdays 9:55 at new dance studio
    • Grade 1— Saturday class
      Saturdays 11:15 at new dance studio
    • Primary— Wednesday class
      Wednesdays 14:45 at new dance studio
    • Modern & Jazz— Monday class
      Mondays 19:15 at new dance studio
    • Pointes I— Saturday class
      Saturdays 13:50 at new dance studio
    • Grade 4— Monday & Saturday classes
      Mondays 18:15 & Saturdays 12:50 at new dance studio
    • Pre-Primary— BJAB class
      Mondays 15:30 at BJAB
    • Grade 1 Intro— BJAB class
      Mondays 17:10 at BJAB
    • Pre-Primary— Agnes class
      Tuesdays 16:00 at Agnes School
    • Primary— Agnes class
      Tuesdays 16:40 at Agnes School
    • Grade 1 Intro— Agnes class
      Tuesdays 17:20 at Agnes School
    • Grade 1 Intro— Saturday class
      Saturdays 12:05 at new dance studio
    • Grade 3— Monday & Saturday classes
      Mondays 17:15 & Saturdays 9:00 at new dance studio
    • Pre-Primary— Wednesday class
      Wednesdays 14:00 at new dance studio
    • Grade 1— Wednesday class
      Wednesdays 16:00 at new dance studio
    • Grade 2— Wednesday class
      Wednesdays 17:00 at new dance studio
    • Contemporary— Wednesday class
      Wednesdays 18:00 at new dance studio

Two Shows — 11:00 & 15:00

These are the groups/classes for each show (unless indicated all these classes are the ones that are now held at our new dance studio in Tervuren):

11:00 Show

  • Pre-Primary — BJAB class
  • Grade 1 Intro — BJAB class
  • Pre-Primary — Saturday class
  • Primary — Saturday class
  • Grade 1 — Saturday class
  • Grade 2 — Saturday class
  • Pointes I — Saturday class
  • Modern & Jazz — Monday class
  • Grade 4 — Monday & Saturday classes
  • Primary — Wednesday class

15:00 Show

  • Pre-Primary — Agnes class
  • Primary — Agnes class
  • Grade 1 Intro — Agnes class
  • Grade 1 Intro — Saturday class
  • Grade 2 — Wednesday class
  • Grade 3 — Monday & Saturday classes
  • Grade 6 — Thursday & Saturday classes
  • Grade 8 — Thursday & Saturday classes
  • Pointes II — Saturday class
  • Pre-Primary — Wednesday class
  • Grade 1 — Wednesday class
  • Contemporary — Wednesday class
  • Repertoire 2 — Thursday & Saturday classes

(1) All students are eligible to participate in the 2017 Dance Recital with the exception of the Wednesday St. John's Int'l School students, who will perform in their own Dance Showcase on 14 March.