Dance Recital Saturday 22 June 2019

Danz Royal is pleased to announce that our Dance Recital will be taking place on Saturday 22 June at De Warandepoort theatre in Tervuren.

Dance Recital News

Tickets on Pre Sale now at discounts up to 20%!


The recital offers all of our students an exciting opportunity to fully experience a performing art and the unique feeling of being on stage.

The experience of performing in front of an audience helps build self-esteem, self-assurance and contributes to a sense of confidence, which can help contribute to children’s success in non-dance related activities.


In De Warandepoort, a brand new 400 seat air-conditioned theatre in the heart of Tervuren right next to the park with underground parking for up to 200 cars available on-site.


Saturday 22 June with two separate performances; the first starting at 11:00 and the second at 17:00.

Some of the students will perform in the first show and the others will be performing in the second.

Free Photos & Videos!

After the event families will be able to download, at no extra charge, high resolution photos, taken by a professional photographer, of the shows; as well as HD videos.


Seating is general seating (no reserved seats) and the doors will open about half an hour before each show (you cannot save seats between both shows).

Tickets must be purchased in advance (please see below) and are priced at €12.50 per ticket.

20% discount during November

Tickets on pre-sale until 30 November discounted by 20% to just €10

Students do not need to purchase a ticket for the show in which they will be performing.


Rehearsals will be held in the weeks before and all participating students should aim to attend these, especially the ones on Sunday 9, Thursday 13 & Sunday 16 June, which will be held at the same De Warandepoort theatre in Tervuren to get that all important on-stage time before the show.

Any additional rehearsals and costume fittings will all be held at our dance studios in Tervuren.

Two Shows — 11:00 & 17:00

The groups for each show will be organised once the actual number of performers is known after the main deadline for sign-up and payment of fees has completed.

How To Register

All Danz Royal students are invited to participate in the Dance Recital for which there will be a fee of €35 per student to cover all costs associated with the purchase and rental of costumes, accessories, make-up, etc.

For our older students who are involved in 2 or more different types of classes, e.g. ballet plus pointes or contemporary, then the fee is either €55 per student to cover 2 different types of performances in a show or €75 per student if there are 3 different types of performances in a show.

Discounts up to 20% during November!

Student fees until 30 November are discounted as follows:

  • €30 for one type of dance class
  • €45 for two types of dance class
  • €60 for three of more types of dance class

Registration is via payment of the student participation fee (see above) plus the number of tickets to allocate for the family (and yes it will be possible to purchase additional tickets later on if still available).

Payment Details

Please use our usual bank account details when making payment for the recital:

IBAN BE54 7320 4243 2497
Name Danz Royal
Communication please write "Recital" plus the name of the ballet student and number of tickets


Pre Sale now on until 30 November with discounts of up to 20%.

€35 €30 student fee
€55 €45 student fee (for 2 different styles of dances)
€75 €60 student fee (for 3 different styles of dances)
€12.50 €10 theatre ticket


  • "Recital, Annie Smith, 1 ticket”
    payment is for €40.00 (30 + 1 x 10)
    normal price will be €47.50 from 1 December
  • "Recital, Annie & Zoe Smith, 2 tickets”
    payment is for €80.00 (2 x 30 + 2 x 10)
    normal price will be €95.00 from 1 December
  • "Recital, May Smith, 2 classes, 3 tickets”
    payment is for €75.00 (1 x 45 + 3 x 10)
    normal price will be €92.50 from 1 December

!!! Register by Friday 30 November !!!

To confirm your participation in the Dance Recital and to take advantage of the pre-sale discounts of up to 20%, please make payment by Friday 30 November at the latest.

The main sale of fees & tickets will begin in March with the standard prices.

recital recital

Final performing & practice schedules will be published after the Easter school holidays once the actual number of performers is known after the deadline for sign-up and payment of fees at the end of March has completed.