About Danz Royal

Danz Royal was created in 2011, building upon over 15 years of successful ballet teaching and RAD examinations in and around the Brussels region of Belgium.

Danz Royal is unique

Danz Royal is the only school in the Brussels region that:

  • uses the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) dance syllabus
  • is authorised to enter students for RAD ballet examinations
  • teaches all of its classes in English
  • only uses professionally trained and qualified dance teachers

In the past year over 300 students have enrolled in one or more of our classes, mainly from the many thousands of expatriate families who are temporarily based here. We also have many local families who value the RAD syllabus and find it extremely useful for their children to take an activity in English and to make English-speaking friends.


Danz Royal only uses professionally trained and qualified Royal Academy of Dance teachers.

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“Unqualified (dance) teachers lack important training in anatomy and physiology,” said RAD chief executive, Luke Rittner.
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