What To Wear To Class

Contemporary Dance


A leotard in any colour, with black footless tights or black stirrup tights or close-fitting cropped trousers.

No baggy t-shirts or trousers, as it's important for the teacher to be able to see each dancer's body line to ensure they are using the correct technique (same as ballet).


No shoes; however “foot thongs” can be worn, which are slip-on pieces of fabric which grip to the ball of the foot and around the toes. They are intended to protect the foot from any friction burn when performing turning movements in bare feet.


Hair needs to be tied back with fringes and strands of hair away from the face. Hair doesn't have to be in a bun, but a very neat ponytail or French plait would be acceptable. However, if you have just finished a ballet class beforehand then of course keep your hair in a bun.