What To Wear To Class

Pre-Primary & Primary

pre-primary & primary uniform

Uniform for Girls

  • Pink short sleeved ‘Chloe’ leotard
  • Pink 'Georgette' wrap-around skirt
  • Pink ballet tights
  • Pink leather ballet shoes (preferably with a full sole) secured with elastic
  • Pink crossover cardigan (optional)
  • Pink hairband for short hair

* This is the new uniform introduced with the updated RAD Pre-Primary & Primary syllabi in 2011.

* We recommend wearing pink ballet tights instead of socks.

pre-primary & primary uniform for boys

Uniform for Boys

  • Pale blue Dance T-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • White socks
  • Black leather ballet shoes

RAD Uniform

Danz Royal recommends Absoludanse as the place to obtain your RAD uniform in the Brussels region (mention our name to get a 10% discount). They are based in Uccle at 14 Rue du Postillon. You can also order online via their webshop.

Absoludance stocks the official RAD uniform made by Freed of London. They can also supply other items, such as ballet shoes, pointe shoes and tights.