RAD Graded Exams May 2024

RAD Ballet Exams

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 May

at Danz Royal Studios
Wijngaardstraat 10, 3080 Tervuren

This year's Royal Academy of Dance ballet examinations are scheduled for 2 days in May on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5. They will be held at our dance studios in Tervuren.

There will be pre-exam practice classes for all participating students before the actual exams towards the end of April and at the very beginning of May (on Sundays and the final week before the actual exams).


All information on this page, such as dates, times and exam groupings, has yet to be confirmed with the Royal Academy of Dance.

In addition, we are waiting to confirm the exam participation of some students not currently listed below, which should be finalised sometime in March.

Colours & Numbers

The background colour in the tables below indicate the ribbon colour that each student will wear for the actual examination (pink, blue, white or yellow) together with a number, which is pinned to the front and back of each candidate’s leotard as a means of identification.

Exam Times

Please ensure that you arrive at least one hour before the start of your exam in order to have enough time to get ready.

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule will be published here once it has been finalised.

Pre-Exam Practice Classes

Details of the pre-exam class schedule will be available soon. However we have tentatively scheduled the following dates:

  • Sunday 21 April
  • Sunday 28 April

We also have the following days in the week before the exams that can be used for any additional practice sessions plus the public holiday at the beginning of May:

  • Monday 29 April — evening
  • Tuesday 30 April — evening
  • Wednesday 1 May — all day
  • Friday 3 May — evening

Last updated Saturday 2 March 2024