Fees for September 2023 to June 2024

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  • First class is free for new students
  • 10% discount for multiple classes
  • !!! Second RAD Grade ballet class is HALF PRICE !!!

Overview of Fees

Danz Royal closely follows the Belgian (Flemish) school academic year and offers dance classes over two semesters:

  • September to January
  • February to June

Each semester contains around 14 to 18 weeks of classes.

Fees are due at the beginning of each semester, according to the type of class(es) being taken:

Type of class Minutes First class
per week 1
Multiple classes
per week 2
RAD Grades 1 to 8
and all other classes
ages 7 & above
60+ €13.00
per class
SALE €11.70
per class
Pre-Primary & Primary
ages 4–7
45 €11.50
per class
SALE €10.35
per class
Tiny Tots ballet
ages 3–4
30 €9.75
per class
SALE €8.80
per class

Please note that there are no additional charges or hidden fees, such as administration, insurance or annual registration.

Free Class for New Students

The very first class for any new student is FREE, to allow them the opportunity to try Royal Academy of Dance ballet with us.

Multiple class discounts — 10% off

All additional classes per week per family receive a 10% discount.

e.g. for 2 sisters taking 3 classes per week between them, the second class is reduced by 10%, and the third class is also reduced by 10%.

HALF PRICE for the second RAD Grade Ballet class

The Royal Academy of Dance recommends that students at higher RAD levels should be taking 2 classes per week. So as an encouragement we are now offering the second class per week at a 50% discount!

This special offer applies for RAD Grades 1 to 7, where we have 2 classes per week available at those levels.

Type of class First class
per week 1
Second class
per week 3
RAD Grades 1 to 7 €13.00
per class
SALE €6.50
per class

Private Classes

Private classes are available upon request. Please contact us for more details.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for further information regarding fees and discounts.

(1) the prices of €9.75, €11.50 and €13.00 for one class per week are the full ones without any discounts.

(2) the prices of €8.80, €10.35 and €11.70 for one class per week include the 10% additional discount for multiple classes per week.

(3) the price of €6.50 for a second RAD Grade ballet class per week includes the 50% additional discount for second RAD Grade classes per week.