Coronavirus COVID-19 update

Where we were

It feels just like yesterday that our studios in Tervuren were full of students (with their families) taking RAD ballet classes, Pointe classes, Jazz classes and more. Some (maybe nervously!) busy practicing for their upcoming ballet examinations, while they and many others were all looking forward to our end of year dance recitals.

However the decisions by the Belgian Federal Government taken late on 12 March to begin Lockdown measures has meant that we, along with so many other organisations, schools, businesses and areas of our lives, have been forced to temporarily close our doors.

Where we are

As of the last government meeting of the National Security Council on 13 May, no decision has yet been taken around indoor dance classes being allowed to resume.

Our specific area of dance is not alone in this situation. Many other areas of our lives are still closed; gyms, fitness centres, swimming pools, playgrounds, music & art academies, cultural & sporting events and so much more.

We‘ve been in contact with both the federal and provincial governments and it appears that decisions will be taken before the end of May.

What we‘re doing

Our Tervuren dance studios are in the midst of many updates and improvements, especially in our smaller Studio 2 (no excuses to avoid doing this right now). We‘re sure you‘ll like and appreciate the changes when you return.


As explained above, all our dance classes are currently on hold.

Once decisions have been taken over the resumption of indoor dance classes, we can then reorganise our calendar for the remainder of this current 2019–2020 school year, as well as plan ahead for the next 2020–2021 season.

2020–2021 Registrations

Yes, we are still accepting registrations for the next school year beginning in September. However we won‘t be processing these registrations until we have more clarity around our present situation.

register for 2020–2021


Most likely adjustments will need to be made to any classes that cannot be rescheduled for any particular student. However we cannot make any concrete decisions right now until clarity has been provided by the federal government. We all need to be patient during this period.


The one area for which we do have some information is regarding our 27 June dance recitals in the De Warandepoort theatre in Tervuren. As it has already been announced that all cultural events are prohibited until the end of June, then of course we will have to postpone our recital for a later date. Once a firm decision on re-starting events has been made, then we will be able to fix the new date and communicate this with all families.

Please note that the recitals are not cancelled. Tickets and registrations will remain valid for the new rescheduled date.

RAD Ballet Exams

The examinations, which should have been taken in May, are not cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date (again when we know when we can resume classes).

We have already been in contact with the Royal Academy of Dance and there are some good ideas around this from what they have done previously. Once clarity is obtained from the federal government, we will be able to reschedule these RAD ballet exams and communicate the new dates to all families involved.


If you have any questions, then please just contact us.

This document was last updated on 19 May 2020.